What make you feel good? Identify your mood lifters!

What does feeling good mean to you? Peace, happiness, enjoying how you spend your time or freedom? How do you cheer yourself up and lift your mood? There are many possibilities to lift your mood in a fun and healthy way. Taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health allows for total wellness!

Life is a challenge. The year 2020 and 2021 is a huge understatement. You’re feeling overwhelmed, and don’t feel on top of your game. Don’t feel bad. You are not alone.

The good news is you can tap into the things in life that are great strategies to lift your mood. You can be the boss of your feelings, reactions, and emotions. Small actions can make a big difference in your day.

5 Mood Lifting Strategies!

1. Use Exercise To Lift Your Mood

There’s nothing like a good gym session to bring out the endorphins, a sense of accomplishment, and a good mood.

Pick your favourite sport, a hike, long walk, or outdoor adventure. Even if you don’t feel like it at first just get out the door. Put on your workout clothes and show up. You will be amazed at how quickly you start to feel good.

Keep it simple. No gym or fancy equipment required. Get moving and feel the difference.

2. Get You Fresh Air

This part does not have to be exercised. It can be sitting on a beach and reading a book, relaxing in a park, or enjoying a great view are all accessible and effective mood lifters.

We feel better when we get out! The simple act of spending time outdoors can be a serum for happiness. Seeing new sights and hearing new sounds can be refreshing and help you de-stress.

3. Find Your Jam

Find your jam. Yes, it might sound silly, but finding your fight song, or your power song is a great way to feel empowered. Feeling empowered replaces feeling anxious. If you get good results from this experiment try creating a power play lift for days when you deal with anxious thoughts. Listen to your playlist and come out the other side transformed.

4. Breathe Deep

Deep breathing can help relax many people. Whether meditation or breathing exercises help; both are excellent relaxation and focusing methods. Yoga is another great breathwork option as is Tai Chi and Qigong, both of which are mind-body relaxation practices that soothe your mind and elevate mood. All of these activities are excellent for your wellbeing and overall health.

5. Create Something

Find your outlet. Expressing yourself is a therapeutic and fun way to keep your spirits up when life is tough. Make art. Paint, write, try out a sport. Whatever you are passionate about that gets you away from dwelling on negativity.

Consider It An Experiment

Consider these strategies as a part of an experiment to learn about yourself. It is trial and error. If some of them don’t lift your mood, just try another activity. Once you have a list of a few things that make you feel great make sure to add them into your life every so often. It is common to overlook self-care when living a busy life. Make yourself a priority and invest some time to learn about what makes you feel your best.

These tips will help you boost your mood today. Learning to identify your mood lifters is one way to improve your overall health and wellness. Part of being a healthy person is addressing your self-care. It is up to us to live healthy and vital lives. Start lifting your mood with some of these fun and refreshing activities.