Visualization techniques that you should master to manifest

You may know that you need to practice visualization to attract what you want. But, do you know those visualization techniques which can help you to manifest faster?

Normally we only visualize the ideal situation or environment that we are in, example you visualize a house that you want to live in (just like the above photo). You may see it very clearly, and with every detail in your mind. But, do you know you should use your 5 senses to visualize?

"Use your five senses!"

In order to manifest faster, use all your five senses! You see, normally we only visualize by creating what we want to "see" in our mind, but we forget all the other four senses. Let us take this house as an example and elaborate on how you should visualize to attract things faster.

What will you hear?

Imagine you are living in this house and you are having afternoon tea at the pool side. Now, ask yourself:" What is the sound that I will hear?" It can be the water flowing sound or maybe your kids' laughter.

What will you smell?

Secondly, ask yourself " What will I smell?" It can be the smell of great coffee aroma or the newly baked butter cookies.

How is the taste?

Thirdly, you may imagine eating the butter cookies and the sweetness fill up you mouth!

How do you feel?

This is the most important ingredient that you should not miss out in your visualization! "How do you feel?" when you live in a house like this. Feeling happy? Feeling grateful? Feeling satisfied? Imagine as vividly as possible how you will feel when you live there and let the feeling sink deeply in your mind.

Try this out and I am sure that you will manifest what you want faster and you will feel really good after practicing visualization!

Very good luck in your journey of manifestation!