There is better than Here myth

It is good that we set a goal to pursue. But most of us fall into the trap of "there" is better than the "here" myth. Is it true that once you achieve your goal, all your current sufferings and difficulties in life will vanish?

Pamela grew in a big family. She had six siblings altogether. All of them stayed in a small apartment, crowded and hot when summer came. They also did not have enough food sometimes that she may sleep with an empty stomach the whole night. She always dreams of leaving the family. She thought if she can marry a rich man, all her sufferings will end. She set the goal of marrying a rich man from a very young age.

The universe was so kind to her. She met William at the age of 13. William's father is a successful businessman and William only has an elder sister. Pamela thought William is her best choice! They married when Pamela turned 18. In Pamela's dream, she will live happily ever after in a big house, never have to worry about food, cloth or electricity bills.

But only after marriage that she found herself still unhappy all the time. She has a bad relationship with her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law seem never satisfied with her and always find something to complain about her in front of William. She also has a difficult time mixing with William's friends who are mostly highly educated. Pamela is so frustrated sometimes that she begins to wonder whether she has made the right choice.

Pamela's story is very common. Most of us will think that once we achieve our dream, we will live a perfect life with no worries or challenges. But the truth is our life will fill with new challenges that we never anticipate!

If your goal is getting promoted, you may face the challenge of heavier duties and responsibilities. If your goal is becoming an entrepreneur, you may face the challenge of staff and financial management. If your goal is getting a baby, you may face the challenge of lack of sleep or financial constraints.

I do not mean that pursuing a goal is not good. What I emphasize is that we need to get ready to face new challenges once our goal achieved. Life is never perfect and the dream of getting "there" will vanish all life sufferings is not practical.

Be ready to pursue your dream and get ready for new challenges! Never falls trap into "there" is better than "here" myth.