9 Easy ways to stay calm in a difficult time

It feels like a lot of people are reaching their limit under the current Covid-19 epidemic. Even a person whose life has not been greatly affected may suffer poor sleep quality or becomes irritable.

Sharing herewith 9 easy tips to stay calm in a difficult time.

Tip #1 - Pay as little attention to bad news as possible.

Don't watch the things that make you sick all day long. Google or social media (eg Facebook) will show your more bad news if you keep paying attention to bad news. Finally, the volume of bad news may finally exceed the limit you can bear.

Tip #2 - Don't have too much empathy.

There are too many sad things. You are not that strong. You cannot save others. You can even easily destroy yourself.

Tip #3 - Keep exercising.

Adhere to exercise for more than an hour every day. If you could not access fitness equipment, you can exercise with bare hands, such as push-ups, jumping, squats, etc. A good body is more important than anything else.

Tip #4 - Keep reading.

Reading is the sanctuary of suffering. Put down your phone and immerse yourself in reading for an hour or two, and you will feel much more peaceful.

Tip #5 - Eat something good.

Food can be a great comfort at a difficult time. Eat what you like, it doesn't matter if it's unhealthy, just don't overdo it. Studying recipes and cooking by yourself is a great healing time as well!

Tip #6 - Surrounded by relatives or friends.

A glass of lukewarm water, a hug, or support and warmth from a good friend may beat a psychiatrist. You can support each other even if you just have a video call or chat online.

Tip #7 - Have some fun.

Watching funny videos, beautiful pictures, planting flowers and grass, reading and watching movies are all very good.

Tip #8 - Make more money.

In addition to the main job, do side jobs, especially side jobs that can be done at home. Be mentally prepared for the unexpected.

Tip #9 - See through life and death.

The only fate that we can be sure of is we are going to die one day. Every day we live, we are one day closer to death. While alive, try to be as happy as possible, enjoy as much as you can, and do as much as you can. Live your life to the fullest! This is the only thing we should do in life!

Wish these tips can help you stay calm and positive even during a difficult time or quarantine time.