Are you a prisoner of others and let others control you

Lots of people live their life in prison. Although they are not physically in prison, they are mentally in prison. They can be the prisoner of their boss, or their spouse, or their friends.

If we decide to live a life to fullest and take charge of our own life, this is the first thing we need to get rid off!

“Get out from the prison immediately!”

Every change starts with awareness!

We have to be aware when we become a prisoner of others. A typical scenario is like this. We start good in the morning, feeling fresh, feeling happy, feeling confident that we are doing a great work and we can complete our task on hand as planned. Then, your boss starts a zoom discussion with you. Out of a sudden, he just start to scold you for nothing (maybe he just been scolded by his wife this morning?). He criticizes your work, comments on your character or even calls you "idiot"! The discussion ends in one hour. But then, you feel upset, frustrated, gloomy for the whole day or even whole week. You may even suffer from headache, stomachache or just fall sick after that. Due to all this uncomforting feeling, you fail to complete your daily task or weekly task. Then same situation happen again and again.

Does this sounds familiar?

If yes, this means you are seriously affected by your boss? Strictly speaking, you are just the prisoner of your boss!

Another scenario can be you are so sensitive to your spouse's comment that you just look at him/her and try to change yourself to fit in what he/she likes every minute in your life. Maybe you like to go swimming, but just because your spouse comments that you are just too fat to wear the swimming suit/trunk, you give up this hobby completely!

Let us start to cultivate awareness of all these scenarios. Start to say "No" to be the prisoner of others. Your boss call you "idiot " cannot turn you into one immediately. Same thing apply, if he says you are a "super genius", you also cannot suddenly become genius if you are not already a genius! What I mean here is how others look at you doesn't matter at all! The only thing matter is how you look at yourself!

Start the change by threat yourself like a Super star every day and refuse to be pulled down by others!

I am not saying that you should completely ignore others' comment. You can start by taking in "comment" more rationally instead of emotionally. You may ask yourself whether the comment is valid? If yes, sure we can try to improve in the way which helps us to grow. But if not, please just ignore it completely!

Everything needs practice!

If you have been in prison for long time, it is quite hard to get out of the prison in short period of time. But remember this: " Practice makes perfect!". Start taking a more rational way towards "comment" and let others impact on your become lesser and lesser!

Start the journey today and stick to it throughout your life!