Threat yourself as most precious people and practice self care

Life always gives us those challenges that we don’t want. There was a time when we are upset, sad or frustrated. There was a time when we tried so hard, but we still failed miserably. There was a time when we did our best, but nobody recognized our efforts. What will you do during all these failing seasons? Hate yourself and let yourself go down to the bottom? I will say it is perfectly alright to let yourself sink. Just that, don’t be there too long!

Lots of people talk about self-care nowadays. The most important self-care is to be kind to yourself and loving yourself as nobody does. Treat yourself as the most precious person in the world, and you will feel happy all the time as you are the only one who will be with yourself 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it is forever.

Each day I will take care of myself. When I wake up, I will think of the work I hope to get done to make my life better, but I will also think of things I can look forward to and enjoy on this day. I will plan at least one treat time for myself today. It can be an hour of reading a good novel, or making a phone call to a loved one or having a piece of delicious cake or drinking a cup of great coffee. I know that when I take good care of myself, I am good to someone God loves.

Today I will look after my health beginning from the first moments of the day. I will take time for a healthy breakfast because I know this sets the pattern for my eating in a healthy way throughout the day. I will take a moment to plan lunch and supper, so I do not make unhealthy choices when I am over-hungry and rushed. I will also plan some exercise for myself that is just right for my present level of fitness. I will love myself for who I am right now. Perhaps I will go for a half-hour walk so I can also enjoy the outdoors. Tonight I will relax before bed and give myself enough sleep for the next day.

Today I will do my best to speak kindly and encouragingly to myself as well as others. Just as with everyone else in this world, I need this kindness to be at my best. I accept myself as I am because I know I am a good person, sincere, and I make an effort. If I make mistakes or can’t get everything done, I will forgive myself easily and try again tomorrow. I will praise myself for everything I do well, and everything I try to do. I know that it is encouragement that will help me to grow as a person and be my best.

This day I will protect myself from harm. I will not cause harm to myself by treating myself badly or being harsh and judgmental. I will not let others do that to me, either. I will protect myself from influences that make me feel bad about myself or discouraged or depressed.

At the end of this day, I will give myself credit for a job well done. This day I did my best, whatever that was. Each day I practice taking care of myself, I will get better at it, so each day I practice, I am getting better. I will think of those things I enjoyed today and things I did well and look forward to a new day tomorrow. I will remember the love my loved ones have for me, that I have for me, and that God has for me. Today I will make my life better. Today, I will spread peace and love in this world. Today, I will speak my heart and for my soul.

Practice self-care every day and you will find life just so amazing and wonderful! No matter how hard life pose the challenge to you, you will find a way to smile and keep going on!