Happy New Year 2021!

Is it ok not to have a new year resolution :)

Everyone is talking about new year resolution when we move into a new year.

But, is a new year resolution really necessary?

Lots of people don't need one!

“You do not need a new year resolution if you are happy with yourself!

If every morning you wake up in enthusiasm and don't have to drag yourself to be awake, you do not need a new year resolution!

You do not have to be better in order to enjoy your life. You just need to be yourself to be happy.

"Do you accept yourself as it is?"

Lots of the time, we just try to do something to follow what the so called trend in today world. We post a "great meals" on facebook as everyone around you is doing that. We make an new year resolution as everyone is doing that. If this is the case, then you are the prisoners of the trend and others. If you already so happy with your life, why to bother about new year resolution? Only when you are not enjoying your life, then you may choose to have a new year resolution to improve some part of your life. But the key point is: You are improving purely base on your own desire and not the results of others!

Try not to be too harsh to yourself if you really need a new year resolution. Choose a small step to move forward instead of a giant plan. Choose something that is achievable and not rocket size in a year. So, you can feel the happiness and fulfillment when you achieve your goal end of the year instead of frustration!

“All the best to you for Year 2021!"