My Covid-19 Diary

Even after two years of the pandemic, I still find it shameful to tell others that " I suffer from Covid-19 recently".

Ya, I suffered from this "well-known" disease two weeks ago. At first, I only felt tired with a mild cough. I slept for more than 12 hours a day and I still did not realize that it can be Covid-19. The reason for not suspecting was because I worked at home and rarely went out apart from groceries shopping. I also did not meet friends for quite some time. Just right before I caught the disease, one of my old friends came to visit me from another city and we had a meal together at a Japanese restaurant. Only with this short dining, I caught Covid-19.

My friend called me up 5 days after we met and informed me that she was tested positive for Covid-19. With this, I quickly went for a test and confirmed that I was infected. I started to feel short of breath and panic once the test result was out. I coughed, had a blocking nose and could not eat or sleep properly for two days.

Why I am afraid?

Then out of a sudden, I think to myself: “ Why I am so afraid of this virus? Before knowing that I caught Covid, my health is still good and why suddenly did my body become so weak after the result? Is this the virus harming or my mind is?”

With such an awareness, I decided to change my mind. I decided to think that my immune system is stronger than the virus and it can win the battle. I decided to think that the virus is so “small” that it could not do any harm to me. Only with this switch of mind, I started to feel better. With the intake of more water and Vitamin C, I manage to recover from Covid-19 after 7 days of being tested positive.

Then, my kids also suffered from this infectious disease. Normally we think kids are vulnerable and they did not even take vaccines previously. But to my surprise, they recovered in one day. I guess part of the reason for this speedy recovery is that they are young and do not know the severity of the disease. To them, it was just flu.

All these happenings proved how critical it is that our mind plays a role in our health. And this can be extended to anything in life, no matter it is our health, wealth or relationship, our mind plays a significant role in deciding what we get. Our reality is self-fulfilling. Our mind creates most of our life experiences. Even with some occasions which are beyond our control, our mind can decide how we react and how we overcome the incident.

We are what we think!

This is a valuable experience to me and once again remind me of “ We are what we think!” So, friends, please be extremely careful about what you put in your mind every day and only focus on what you want!

(Photo taken by: Martin Sanchez)