Look at your achievement, not your failure!

So often, I encounter with people who remember every piece of their failure but forget all about what they have achieved! If you want to be happy, or you want to be successful, please do the opposite!

Life is a journey!

Life is a journey. We achieve something, and we lost something along the way. It is so normal that we do well in some area of life and we fail badly in others. We set some goals. We achieve some of them but struggle with others.

So often, we just forget what we have achieved!

Anna set two goals for herself at a very young age. She wanted to get married to a lovely husband and she wanted to open a small cafe selling her favourite coffee and cakes. She dated with few guys but never proceed to "marriage" as she wishes. She felt so upset and frustrated. Then, at the age of 30, she met John, a wonderful warmth guy whom she married to. At the age of 32, she gave birth to a lovely boy and the family is always filled with laughter.

At the age of 37, she decided to pursue her dream of opening the cafe that she always dreams of. At first, she tried to get a loan; but the bank rejected her loan application. Then, she asked a friend to be her business partner; but her friend did not think it is a good timing to open a cafe. Then, Anna became so frustrated that she felt she was stuck at life. She started to feel bitter and resentful towards the universe.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Do you know anyone like this? As human being, we tend to forget what we have achieved when we get what we want for some time. We tend to disregard those goals that we have achieved and keep pursuing for new goals.

New goals are not bad thing. Sure. that we will have new goals in life when we achieved something. What I emphasize here is NOT to forget what you have achieved! Always feel thankful and grateful to those things that we already have while we pursue the new goals. This will not only help you to be happier, more confident; and it will also help you to achieve your new goal faster and easier when you do not create a "lacking" feeling.

Let us keep this in mind and always celebrate our achievement! When we feel happy, more and more good things will flow to us naturally!

All the best to your journey of fulfilment and abundance!