Key to Manifest - Action and Persistence

Many books and articles emphasize “mind” in manifesting what you want. Although our “mind” is the gold mine to attract, we could not neglect another important element in manifesting, that is called “Action”.

Too often, we concentrate on our mind only, but lack of action make us stuck in our current situation. And also too often, we take some minimal action but could not persist until we get the result we want. So, I would like to devote this article to the "Action" part of manifesting journey.

Let us use the GROW model to list out the steps. This GROW model is an efficient tool that is used by coaches to help people create a plan and succeed. The GROW model can be used to reach a personal goal or a professional objective. Whatever the subject, whatever the problem, the mere existence of a solution to be found or a choice to be made can justify the four phases of the GROW model because it allows you to draw on your resources.

The GROW model’s name is simply an acronym of the four steps, which are Goal, Reality, Options, and Will. Let’s walk you through the steps.


Start by identifying your goal or your objective. This can be the objective itself or the expected result. Be clear, concrete, and always focus on the target.

Ask yourself questions like these:-

  1. What do you want to accomplish in life?

  2. How will you know that you have reached that goal?

  3. How does life look like when you have accomplished that goal?

The goal should be specific enough to give you a direction. The objective can evolve during the various steps of the GROW model.


In the reality phase, you will be describing the current situation and how is the current situation limiting you or empowering you to reach your goal. List the weaknesses and strengths you have for achieving this objective.

Ask yourself questions like these:-

  1. What are the barriers to my goal?

  2. What resources do I have to help me with my goal?

  3. What limiting belief do I have in reaching my goal?

This phase will help you understand the situation and what led to it. It is useful to approach the situation from a cognitive, but especially emotional, perspective. This step uncovers the interferences (beliefs, objections, etc.) that oppose the achievement of the



This step is essential. It is crucial to consider all options, including the most far-fetched ones. It is to know how to get out of standard solutions, be creative, innovating. Considering everything also makes it possible to rationally eliminate those inappropriate solutions that haunt us (example: the magic pill that will lead you to weight loss).

List all the possible actions to help you reach your goal. If you had a magic wand, what option would you choose to realize your objective? What if you could start all over, what would you do differently?

This phase allows you to think of new opportunities to achieve your goal; What has not yet been done and which could contribute significantly to the achievement of the objective. It will help you support the implementation of behaviours, improvement of a process, and modification of the time frame. Brainstorm all the ideas that come to mind without judging them or limiting yourself. This phase is the time to dream.


The last phase is about commitment and actions. It is the phase where you decide what you will do. What is the first step or action? How will you hold yourself accountable for that first step? How will you know that you have completed the first step?

The steps that will be made among the different options will involve a strong commitment to action that can produce change. This action may consist of doing nothing, changing a way of doing something, or a way to stop doing something. The important thing is to check the congruence of the commitment to action.

Once you have completed a cycle, go back to the option phase, and see if you can accomplish another action, repeat it until you reach your goal.

This is a very major step in your Action plan: Keep exploring options that you have, keep doing and evaluate the results from your action taken. Repeat these until you find your best way to achieve your goal, then repeat it until success.

As you can see, the GROW model is adaptable and straightforward. It is a perfect tool in planning and working for success.

Now, let us put in "Action" and move forward! Hope you find your best path and manifest successfully in near future.

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