How to overcome fear and live better

1. Write down your fear. Define what really make you worry and anxiety. Write exactly what you fear most as detail as possible.

2. Think of the worst possible outcome of your fear, for example, lost your job.

3. Look at the list, 90% of your fear may be disappeared by now.

4. Prepare to accept the worst possible outcome and keep telling yourself that you can handle it and you should overcome it!

5. Now, go back to the list and think of an action plan to mitigate the worst possible thing to happen. Say if the worst outcome is lost your job, then you may list down agencies or places where you may find a new job. You may also list down your competencies or your interest which can help you to explore in a new industry or new area of work.

6. Build your supporting team. Try to call a family member or a close friend to discuss your situation and merely by chatting, you may feel better.

7. Seek help whenever necessary, such as arrange an instalment plan with your bank for your housing loan.

By now, most of your fear should be resolved. If not, try these:-

1. Take a deep breath and meditate for 15 minutes. When you face it, you may discover the fear just disappear. (which I always do).

2. List down things to be grateful for now. It can be your health, your family or just “living” is enough to celebrate.

Hope these tips help you to overcome fear!

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