How to deal with a difficult boss?

This post will share some tips on how to deal with a difficult boss.

Every job has stress, but the workplace environment can seem almost unbearable when working for an over-demanding or unfair boss. You do not have to like your boss, but you do need to co-operate with him/her for you to be productive and successful at your job.

1) Do the absolute best job you can.

Make sure you are the type of employee you would want to work for if you were the boss. I know this goes against the notion of revenge and tucking it to an unfair boss whenever possible, but by doing the best job possible you give the unfair boss less ammunition he can use to make your life miserable. He also might think twice about upsetting one of his better employees when there are plenty of other, easier targets he can take aim at.

2) Learn all that you can from an unfair boss.

We can learn something from everyone we encounter. While from a good boss we can learn good management techniques, it is also true that from a poor boss we can learn how not to re-act or over re-act. Do mot just suffer, gain something from the situation that will benefit you in the future. Watch how your boss handles different situations. Learn from his techniques, knowledge or mental strength. Find out what worked and what failed.

3) Forget about yesterday.

Yesterday is history. Try not to let your issues from yesterday spoil today. Instead, start each day with a new, positive outlook, telling yourself that today is going to be better.

Sometimes we get into a rut, expect the worse and act accordingly. We subconsciously force our boss to act the way we expect him to act. Make sure you are not unintentionally adding fuel to the fire. Starting each day with a fresh slate is the best way to get past previous differences.

4) Do not let your boss ruin your confidence!

If your boss keeps scolding or criticizing you, you may lose your self- confidence and result in a very low self-esteem. Remember this: Nobody can change your value if you do not allow them to do so! If your boss does not like you, it is his/her business! But if you do not like yourself, you can ruin you whole life! So, be careful of the impact and you do not have to take everything into heart.

5) Take responsibility.

Don’t expect someone else to end your suffering.

Complaining is easy, but it accomplishes very little. Worrying about a problem won’t make it go away. You will never be happy if you are focusing on worry. If you are truly in a situation that is causing you pain, you need to begin taking steps to improve the situation.

Have you actually looked for another job? Have you tried to improve your skills through in-house training, learning centers, books or correspondence courses? Even the smallest step in the right direction is progress. An unfair boss won’t change his ways, but you can improve your own skills.

Why not let your difficult boss be the motivation to better yourself?