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Give up and get what you want

Give up and get what you want faster! Yes, you hear it right!

Have you ever experienced this? You pursue something for quite some time. But no matter how hard you try, you keep failing. Finally, you decided to give up. Then, out of a sudden, everything changed and you got what you want in a very short period.

Jane experienced this in her career. She was the most senior staff in the Department and she took up a challenging position to justify a promotion. She talked to her boss a few times. She took up all the additional tasks required by her boss. She worked day and night and thought that she would get a promotion soon. But, no matter how hard she tried, and how many times she discussed with her boss and took up a new challenge, her promotion was being rejected. She tried so hard for three years and had no hope of getting the promotion. Finally, she decided to give up. She started to stay relaxed and reject a proposal for additional tasks.

She thought to herself: “I will just work “enough” and not “outstanding”. I will exercise more and stay healthy. I will spend more time with my family.”. From there onwards, she felt happier. Then, out of a sudden, she got promoted within 3 months.

This story illustrated the point that when you try too hard and keep reminding yourself of “lacking; you will never get what you want. This is also a common mistake that people will have when pursuing a goal.

I am not saying that you don’t have to do anything to succeed. What I emphasize here is please study and analyze what is the signal that you send to the Universe? Are you sending a desperate signal? Are you telling the Universe that you don’t have the thing you want? Are you telling the Universe that you are not slim, you are poor, you are terrible, you are not smart enough?

Try to sit quietly and examine what is the signal that you are sending to the Universe? Are you too desperate and could not feel the blessings in your life? If this is the case, I will urge that you try the opposite way. Start to feel grateful for what you have now, and let go of what you want in your mind. The key point here is to count your blessings and forget about your shortcomings. You can be surprised how fast you achieve your goal after you give up.

So, try this: “ Give up to manifest!” I hope you will have good news very soon, my friend!

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