Are you burnt out and struggle with different roles in life

Are you burnt out, be it in your role of a father/a mother; or be a responsible staff at your workplace? This has become a normal norm for today's world. Lots of people are burnt out due to different roles in life and the quick pace of the world.

You are not a superhero!

The first step to overcome this is "Let's go!".

Let us face it. We are human and we could not be perfect in all areas of life! No matter how hard we try, we may fail short of expectation in some of our roles. So, instead of forcing yourself to fulfil all your roles perfectly, you should accept the fact that you will not do so well in some roles. Accept this with no guilt as we are just human, and not a superhero!

Prioritize your roles and duties!

Having said so, the second step you should take is to prioritize the roles and duties in your daily life. List all your roles down, eg you are a father, a Senior Manager in your company, a son, a big brother to your siblings, a faithful friends and the list can go on and on. Then rank all these roles in sequence base on the importance of these roles in your heart. Remember that this is no right or wrong answer here! Everyone has a different priority in your life and our choice will be very different.

Then, make a weekly or even a monthly timetable; and allocate your time properly follow the priority that you have set. Ensure you allocate your time for each of the roles and do remember to allocate some time for yourself! Spare some time for yourself is very important. Try to do something you like during this time, eg exercise, meditate or just drink your favourite coffee! Even as little as half an hour per week will help you to relieve some stress and has the energy to continue your journey in life. Remember this: " Take care of yourself is equally important with taking care of all others around you! If you are not happy due to keep giving and not receiving, you will not bring happiness to those around you as well!

When two roles conflict at the same time, eg when your son's graduation ceremony clash with an important meeting in your company, please refer to your priority list to decide which events you will let go!

Last but not least, don't feel guilty about your choice but stay flexible to change your priority list whenever needed!