Why some people are so angry all the time

One simple reason why some people are so angry all the time.

Photo by Andrea Hunter


Billy is a short temper people. He always so angry with his colleagues, his friends, his wife or even his kids. He screams and scolds people all the time. His colleagues give him a nickname "angry bird"! He always so unhappy. He thinks his colleagues are nuts, his friends are annoying, his wife is just too talkative and the kids are too naughty.

Do you like yourself?

One day, his good friend, John asked him : "Do you like yourself?". Only until then he suddenly realized that the person whom he hates the most is himself!" He sees himself as lazy, lousy, incapable and sure ....."bad temper"!

I hate myself!

Have you ever encounter somebody like Billy? The person whom they hate the most actually are themselves! If yes, forgive them; as they are pity people who have to live with the people they hate the most throughout their life!

If you are the one like Billy, forgive yourself too! This is not your fault! You hate yourself maybe due to your family or your community practice criticism more then praise. If you don't want to live with the person whom you hate the most throughout your life, please do something about it!

The basic thing that you should start with is to improve your self esteem.

1. Instead of bombarding yourself with negative comments, try to focus on the more positive aspects about yourself. Think of something that you are good at and your personal achievement.

2. STOP all negative thoughts about yourself! If you really cannot think of any good thing about yourself, at least, stop thinking bad about yourself.

3. Threat yourself like a little baby. Talk to yourself softly, threat yourself with respect, love and kindness just like how you threat a baby.

4. Write down positive affirmation about yourself and practice self talk daily.

5. Get involved in some type of activity which will raise your confidence. Example join a drama, music, art, singing or art class, take up a contact sport, challenge yourself by rock climbing, canoeing, diving, etc.

6. STOP comparing yourself with others. Most of the time, we think all others live better than us. Sometimes, we even think all others are smarter than us. But this is not true. Everyone has their own strength and weakness and every lives has its own difficulty to overcome. So, just stop comparing yourself will help you feel better about yourself!

7. Stop judging others. Most importantly, stop judging yourself!

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Happy journey to a more fulfilling and wonderful life ahead!