4 Things Preventing You from Attracting What You Want

Using the law of attraction to manifest what you desire can be either wonderfully easy or painfully hard depends on your full awareness.

Here are 4 reasons you may not be successful in attracting what you want.

1. Not align!

You must be in alignment with what you do want. To be in alignment with your desires is not always easy. Let's say that you have a desire to start your own business. But down in your heart, you feel stressed about income fluctuation; and you feel safe and relax by having a full-time job. In this case, you are sending a very conflicting message to the Universe. You may be wishing and hoping, but you could not get what you want as your message to the Universe is conflicting. Thus, always starts by looking into your subconscious mind and find out what truly matters to you. This is the first and most crucial step to activate the law of attraction.

2. Lack of focus

Lack of Focus is another hindrance to manifesting what you desire. To get the Universe to move what you want into your reality, you must begin to hold a clear and steady focus of what you want all the time throughout the day. Another hindrance can be you are not sure what you want and keep changing your mind. A simple example can be you would like to request a transfer to another department in your company, but you are reluctant to leave your good colleagues behind; as a result, your subconscious mind will oppositely pull you!

3. Lack of faith

The one thing which generates power with your intention is emotion and feelings. For the law of attraction to work quickly with your desires, you must first know with great certainty that you can get what you want. Even you only have slight feelings of doubt, those doubts will work as barriers affecting the attraction process from going in your favour.

4. Surrounding matters

Surrounding yourself with people or things that contradict what you are creating. This is by far one of the most difficult parts to successfully applying the law of attraction. Other people's beliefs and doubts can greatly hamper your ability to manifest what you want. Those people could be family members, co-workers or friends. Imagine that your desire is to buy a house, but you are surrounded by people who keep telling you that renting a house is a better option or people who have doubts about your ability to achieve your goal. Your vibration will be greatly affected by them and this can be a roadblock to you.

Try to find out what you truly want. Focus, have faith in yourself, and avoid those naysayers as much as possible can help you to manifest faster and easier! Happy manifesting!