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Where the story begins......

Stress Relief & Management

Hello Friends,

I am Chang Hung, the founder of  

When I was young, I always missed classes due to illness. Then, I grew up and got a job in an established company. I have a boring life and a stagnant job. The job purely is some routine task with no room to grow. 

I am unhappy with poor health, stagnant job and also not finding anyone to date. Then I come across this book “The secret” from Rhonda Bryne. In The Secret, she explains with simplicity the law that is governing all lives…the “law of attraction”! I will say this book is “life-changing” to me. I start to know that my mindset can create reality. I start to be aware that all my negative feeling about my life make me stuck and nothing will change if I stay the same. 

I start to practice visualization, think positively and be really “careful” about what I think and feel every day.


To cut the story short and fast forward to today. I have a happy family with two young kids. I have a decent job which gives me a decent income, very well covered benefits and also room for personal growth. To this extent, I thank to “law of attraction”. But then, due to the challenging and demanding job, I feel stressed and overwhelmed. And then I meet another life-changing tool for me…that is the brainwave entrainment audio which let me meditate and gain mental clarity.  

Now is my new mission to share all this knowledge and tools with you. My mission is to provide resources and tools to let you live a better life! I hope you can find these tools useful and lead a happy, fulfilling and abundant life.

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See Wonderful Life


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