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Where the story begins......

I had a relaxing job 10 years ago.  But, the job was so stagnant that it had no opportunity for growth.  I was unhappy and did not find fulfilment there. 


Then, I also dreamed of getting married, but could not even find someone to date! 

Fast forward to 10 years later, I had a demanding job with decent pay.  I had a happy family with two lovely kids.  I thanked God and attributed this to the "law of attraction"!

I know lots of people do not find the "law of attraction" working.  But, I get to know lots of techniques and tools which can help to get results faster.  As I am having a stressful job, I also start to look for programs, books, audio tracks, basically anything which can help me to relieve stress.  

Now, I decided to share all these with you!  Let us start to be the Master of our own life!  let me accompany you in the journey of life and live to the fullest!

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